An underestimated, potentially serious infectious disease

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Explosion of the number of rat alerts in the Netherlands! What are the consequences?


In the subway, in the salads of a fast-food restaurant, in the bed of a resident…, reports of rats are increasing significantly in the Netherlands!

“We need to get an idea of where rat nuisance is increasing. They can, after all, transmit diseases” (The KAD)

Let’s remember that rat urine can contaminate the environment with bacteria, leptospires, and cause a dreaded disease: leptospirosis or rat disease.

Do you know this disease?

Preventive measures exist: hygiene, protective equipment and vaccination

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« Prevention is our job. Protecting is our duty », IMAXIO

Kick-off at Rotterdam: 34th Havensymposium

The 34th Port Symposium on Travel Medicine and Tropical Diseases aboard the cruise ship SS Rotterdam, organised by the Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC, will kick off on Friday, November 26th, 2021. IMAXIO is pleased to take part in this unmissable event, together with its partner Europort Pharmaceuticals, to discuss the prevention of leptospirosis, which is the leading cause of acute life-threatening infection in travellers returning from South-East Asia, ahead of typhoid fever and malaria.

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«Preventing is our job, Protecting is our duty», IMAXIO